PPA and Sleeves

PPA / Extenders offer assistance with Erectile dysfunction OR an experience of greater girth and length. 

The Holster and Colossus are intended for the penis to fit inside and add length and girth.  They are soft and pliable with plenty of room for you to be fully erect inside. They can assist if you have a partial erection. 

The Ride On is intended to do most of the work for you. It is much more firm than the Colossus and Holster, and ideal for use with erectile dysfunction or a smaller penis.

Please refer to both the internal and external measurements of each toy, listed under it's description, to determine which size is right for you.  We recommend measuring your penis at various states of arousal to get the most accurate average of length and girth.  You want the toy to fit snugly around your penis so you experience friction,but not too tight to be painful. 

The ball ring is the same size for all of the toys.