Warranty Replacement Policy

  • Warranty Replacement Policy

    • Warranty on most Silicone Product
      Vixen Creations offers an unbeatable replacement guarantee on all manufacturing defects for our products. The Colossus, Holster, Ride On, and Mr. Right have a one year warranty.
    • A receipt is REQUIRED for all warranty replacements. 
    • Please note that damage resulting from misuse of our products is NOT covered by this warranty. Normal wear and tear of a well used item is not covered either- only an issue arising from a manufacturing defect is warrantied. Please treat our products with care, store separately from other toys, and be mindful of it just as though it was an actual body part!   
    • Please refer to our HOW TO CARE FOR OUR TOYS PAGE for everything you need to know about caring for our toys.
    • Do not use our products with silicone-based lubricants, this use voids our guarantee.
  • Warranty Return Process

    If you would like us to take a look at your item to see if it falls under our warranty replacement policy please email your story and detailed photos of the damage to sales@vixencreations.com
  • if it is determined that we can replace the toy, please follow the instructions below :

    1. Clean product thoroughly before returning it to us. Products returned in an unsanitary manner will not be replaced.  An unclean toy will be destroyed and not returned.
    2. Place product in a sealed clear Ziploc bag.
    3. Include a note describing the problem as well as the original purchase receipt.
    4. Include a shipping address for return/replacement and an email contact for follow-up.
    5. Send to:

      Vixen Creations
      c/o WARRANTY
      4803 Commercial Park Drive
      Austin, TX 78724