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Vixen Creations


The Joque Harness is made of spandex and polyester with an inner layer of soft triple mesh for breathability. Its unique wicking elements draw moisture away from the body so it doesn't matter how much things heat up, you'll stay cool and fresh. This extremely comfortable harness becomes a virtual second skin that forms and adjusts to your unique shape and size. Just like swimsuit material, it's perfect for water play (shower, spa, etc).

Joque has two internal mini vibrator pockets one above and one below the O-ring. This design allows for extra vibration stimulation of your toy, as well as for the wearer and the receiver.

The design is strong enough to hold larger attachments and comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. The fabric harness sits comfortably between the wearer's legs, allowing stimulation for both wearer and receiver.

Permanent elastic O-ring is 1.5" (expands up to 2").

Available in Size A : Waist band: 30-53 inches

                                  Leg Strap: 10-27 inches

                     Size B:  Waist band: 36-65 inches

                                   Leg strap: 14-33 inches

Joque has tagless labels, comes with complete care and use instructions.

Hand or machine wash.

Made by SpareParts HardWare.

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